OT: Storm

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Wow. I was just outside for lunch and I saw this humongous stormfront coming in. It was sunny on the way to work and literally where my job is located a big shadow struck the floor and pitch-black clouds came rolling in. Kinda reminded me of the scene in the new War of the Worlds movie where the first bolts of lightning strike the planet. I have a picture of it on my phone but I don’t have a USB-cord :|


The blue dot is me in Boca Raton and the Purple dot is my wife in North Lauderdale. Looks so tiny on the map ;)

Pirates 2 - Dead Man’s Chest

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Last night at 12:01 AM Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest premiered to the public throughout the country. So my wife and I went to see it since we were big fans of the original movie. I have to say that this movie is BIG, I mean huge in production. The special effects, the acting and the scenery are all incredible. Johnny Depp’s performance was incredible and Orlando Bloom topped himself on this one. I can’t go in to details about the movie here since I’d spoil it for everyone, but the end of the movie was strange. Not at all what you’d expect from a movie like this. Anyway, go see it. If you liked the first one, you won’t want to miss this part of the series.

WTF Sony?

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Racist Billboard

Just.. Wow. The nerve of this company. To celebrate the coming of a white PSP, Sony has launched this Ad-Campaign in my home country of The Netherlands. The reason for this is that there is a much smaller population of black people than there than other European countries. What I don’t understand is that the Dutch government let this through their census. Certainly NL couldnt have changed that much since I’ve left? WTF Sony and Netherlands?!

Five that Fell

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King's Quest

The good people at Next-Gen.biz released an article yesterday about five great companies that fell into the clutches of nothingness. If you’ve always wondered what happened with the companies that made classics such as the Wing Commander Saga, King’s Quest and Ultima Online, check this highly reccommended article out. :)

Next Generation - Culture: Five That Fell

PS, their server seems to be under a big load so there might be a little time-out before you reach the actual page.

Riemer’s DirectX 9 Tutorials

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I’ve always had a thing for 3D and CG. So when I started programming most of my findings were either graphics or web related. More recently I’ve been delving into C# making tiny applications to connect to MySQL, rename files and an entire CMS from the desktop. But the CG world keeps having a magnetic pull on me so the last couple of months I’ve been trying out Managed DirectX in the C# programming language. Anyway, what this post is about is that there’s a great place for tutorials on this matter (C# and C++) written by Riemer Grootjans of riemers.net. This website is a very complete collection of DirectX and D3D tutorials, so go check them out here:

DirectX 9 Tutorial using C# and C++ > General > Overview