Here are some of my personal projects.

mkdocs-alias-plugin · 2022-present (MIT Licensed)

An MkDocs plugin allowing links to your pages using a custom alias such as [[my-alias]] or [[my-alias|My Title]].

EddyLuten/mkdocs-alias-plugin - GitHub

mkdocs-categories-plugin · 2022-present (MIT Licensed)

An MkDocs plugin allowing for categorization of pages in your wiki. This plugin allows for multiple categories per page and will generate a category index page with links to each page within the category.

EddyLuten/mkdocs-categories-plugin - GitHub

🌍 Bhreia · 2021-present (unlicensed)

Bhreia is a fantasy setting for TTRPG games that I use in campaigns and one-shots.

EddyLuten/ - GitHub

lowpoly_bot · 2017-2019 (MIT Licensed)

A deactivated Twitter bot that responded to anything posted to the #lowpoly hashtag, retweeting and following anyone that posted to it. Includes support for filtering out spammers, written in Python 3 with a SQLite database backend (included).

EddyLuten/lowpoly_bot - GitHub · 2019 (MIT Licensed)

A toy ray tracer written in Rust as a learning exercise.

Sort Hangouts Google Chrome Extension · 2018 (MIT Licensed)

A Google Chrome Extension to sort the Google Hangouts tab in GMail by status.


A backup of, which used to host a Wiki detailing the world in which my homebrew D&D game was set. The site no longer exists, but its contents were saved onto GitHub.

dotfiles · 2018 - present (MIT Licensed)

I like being able to get up and running quickly after installing my OS, so I keep my dotfiles version controlled.

Atom Line-Breaker Package · 2015 - 2018 (MIT Licensed)

I often had the need to break lines by my preferred line boundary settings and had no way of doing so using Atom. So, I wrote a package to do so.

Ishin Ruby Gem · 2015 (MIT Licensed)

Converts Ruby objects to hash representations.

lib-semver · 2014 (MIT Licensed)

Semantic versioning library written in C.

domain-scrape · 2014 (MIT Licensed)

A web content scraper written in Python. · 2010 - 2014 (CC BY-SA 4.0)

A free OpenGL programming tutorial in online book format covering the (at the time) new OpenGL 4.0 specifications.