AI and Creativity

2 minute read


After using ChatGPT for a few months, I’m developing a sour taste for the whole generative AI thing. It’s not because it’s not good at what it does. Most of the time, it’s incredibly proficient. I’ve mainly used ChatGPT to bounce ideas off and to give me suggestions – riffing on concepts. It’s an excellent tool for those tasks, usually generating a decent output. It’s not because of that. I’m beginning to dislike generative AI because it makes you feel like you’ve had anything to do with the creative process.

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A Conversation with Bard

16 minute read

A sober conversation about AI and jobs with Google’s brand new chat AI, Bard, turns into a bit of a mess at the end. I have some experience using ChatGPT but only got access to Bard today. I thought I’d record this to perhaps compare to interactions in the future.

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