OpenGL in C# on Linux using Visual Studio Code

1 minute read

I’ve been out of the .NET loop for a very long time. I would never have thought that it was so easy to get a .NET project up and running on Linux. But, I guess a decade of embracing Open Source at Microsoft changes things. Here are the steps I took to get an OpenGL window up and running on Ubuntu using .NET Core, VSCode, and OpenTK.

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Riemer’s DirectX 9 Tutorials

less than 1 minute read

I’ve always had a thing for 3D and CG. So when I started programming most of my findings were either graphics or web related. More recently I’ve been delving into C# making tiny applications to connect to MySQL, rename files and an entire CMS from the desktop. But the CG world keeps having a magnetic pull on me so the last couple of months I’ve been trying out Managed DirectX in the C# programming language. Anyway, what this post is about is that there’s a great place for tutorials on this matter (C# and C++) written by Riemer Grootjans of riemers.net. This website is a very complete collection of DirectX and D3D tutorials, so go check them out here:

DirectX 9 Tutorial using C# and C++ > General > Overview