Way Off Topic: Internet Taxes, November 1st 2007

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If you’re an American citizen or resident and you’re not aware of this issue, keep reading. Otherwise, take action. Links follow.

The Internet is the “Information Highway.” It provides unlimited information, a myriad of free resources and some commercial resources. Due to an expiration of the “Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998” we might be hitting some toll-plazas along our routes. If you do not feel comfortable paying taxes for free information, sign up at to take some action. If you want to do more, write your senator, but do it promptly. We’re almost at November 1st.

This could potentially be doomsday for many of us. The main thing that the tax would cause is a limit on information which would hurt everyone. Since a large percentage of Americans use the internet, it is imperative that we keep an international resource out of local hands.

At this moment there are many opposed to internet taxes in the senate but it will not hurt to petition and write your congressman or congresswoman. This needs to be fought, freedom of information is at stake.