WTF Sony?

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Racist Billboard

Just.. Wow. The nerve of this company. To celebrate the coming of a white PSP, Sony has launched this Ad-Campaign in my home country of The Netherlands. The reason for this is that there is a much smaller population of black people than there than other European countries. What I don’t understand is that the Dutch government let this through their census. Certainly NL couldnt have changed that much since I’ve left? WTF Sony and Netherlands?!

Netherlands win against Ivory Coast

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While listening to the 2nd half of the game on the radio I almost bit my fingers off in excitement. With 2-1 on the scoreboard one single goal by Ivory Coast could ruin my joy. I think the game could have been played better in terms of Goal-Count but we won nonetheless. Now I just wait until next wednesday when the Netherlands play Argentina, a game that I wouldn’t want to miss since my manager is from that country. It’s nice to have an immigrant-competative spirit at work, keeps me from falling asleep ;)