Head Shot the Rot Intro

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I’m running a Pathfinder 2 one-shot for my group called Head Shot the Rot. I noticed that the adventure didn’t have an intro blurb, so feel free to use the one I wrote below if it works for you.

It’s a busy evening for the Powder Horn, Alkenstar’s best and only bar. Anticipation and the smell of fine spirits thicken the air, usually fouled with the stench of stale beer and week-old vomit. It’s a special night, alright. The town’s people have gathered here to wait for the second showing of the play, The First Sin of Pharasma, the first of which is currently in progress at the Aldivur Theater house. The townsfolk have donned their finest outfits and are in good spirits, chatting away as they wait for the second showing to begin.

Seated near the door of this fine establishment, four rough-looking, leatherneck, no-bullshit gunslingers have a conversation of their own, separate from the hustle and bustle of the townies.

Cue character intros.